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June 26, 2017

Administrative Change

Effective June 25, 2017 Andrea Chapelear was offered and she has accepted the position of Missouri State Chair. A State Chair agrees to do the following:

  • Insure that a State Meet happens every year.
  • Represent the ADFPF at meets in their state.
  • Assist ADFPF meet hosts.
  • Maintain state meet records.
  • Maintain state records.
  • Coordinate with the Drug Testing Officer.
  • Coordinate with the Technology Officer regarding website information.
  • Attend as many ADFPF National meets as possible.
  • Responsible for meet results, drug testing Chain of Custody documents and sample completion in a timely manner and according to federation expectations.
  • Reports to the Vice President of the ADFPF.

Look for other,similar announcements in near future.

Bill Sias

Vice President, ADFPF

June 4, 2017

Looking for Advertisers and Sponsors

As the Social Media Specialist of the American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (ADFPF). I am currently seeking supporters of the federation on our website ( and official clothing. The ADFPF is a 501(C)3 organization and your donation may be tax deductible.

Your logo would be represented on the back of t-shirts worn by every spotter at every event remaining this year. Every meet has one or more platforms and every platform has between 3 and 6 spotters on any given lift. Once your logo is added to the shirt it will remain on for the entire lifting season and in the same position. Earlier responders get preferred placement. 

Full Power Nationals is one of the three largest events every year. The event will be live streamed and archived on YouTube. The exposure for your logo is limited only by the number of internet views interested in drug free powerlifting. To have your logo on the shirts in time for Full Power Nationals we will need to have your donation and artwork not later than June 5, 2017.

Rebel Road ( is one of the largest motorcycle festivals in the United States and the ADFPF sanctions an event in the middle of that festival. The audience for this event is huge. Rebel Road event attendance always runs in 6 figures. Last year this event was aired on local television and the video can viewed here ( We will need your artwork and donation by June 26, 2017 to be on the shirts used at this meet.

The ADFPF is sanctioning two events at the Mr. America Fitness Festival in Baltimore, MD. There will be both a Powerlifting meet and a Strongman competition. All the spotters for both events will be sporting your logo if you choose to participate. We will need your artwork and donation by September 16, 2017 to be on the shirts used at this meet.

The WDFPF Full Power World Championship is also an ADFPF event this year in Boston, MA. Hundreds of lifters from around the globe will be in Boston to compete. Your logo can be on the back of all the spotters on each of the platforms for all three days. We will need your artwork and donation by October 13, 2017 to be on the shirts used at this meet.

Other upcoming meets, locations and deadlines include:

  • The Pit Barbell Club (Evansville, IN) June 26
  • The Penultimate World Qualifier (Muskegon, MI) July 28
  • Last Chance World Qualifier Midwest (Evansville, IN) August 5
  • Last Chance World Qualifier New England (Boston, MA) August 12

Several more will be added as the season progresses. The earlier you begin the more exposure your advertisement will receive.

In addition to the t-shirts, advertising is available on our website. Contact me for more information on website ads.

Chandler Tuttle
Social Media Specialist

May 25, 2017

The ADFPF is now on more forms of Social Media.

Thanks to our hard working Social Media Specialist, Chandler Tuttle, the ADFPF is not just on Facebook ( anymore. We now have a solid presence on Twitter (@ADFPFofficial) and Instagram (@ADFPF). Please follow us on all the platforms that you use.

Coming soon is the ADFPF YouTube channel!

May 19, 2017

Chandler Tuttle joins the ADFPF.

Chandler Tuttle is spending her summer break as the Social Media Specialist to the ADFPF. Chandler will return to Michigan State University in the fall as a Senior studying Advertising. She has already discovered that she enjoys powerlifting and intends to train this summer with ADFPF Vice President Bill Sias. She is seriously considering competing in powerlifting yet this summer. Chandler is expanding our social media presence via Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets. She is also helping to automate many of the processes that we depend on for powerlifting meets.

Bill Sias
Vice President, ADFPF

April 21, 2017

Rules for Certification of National Referees:

  1. A referee may be certified as a “National Referee” upon completion of the written test and scoring at least 90% AND sitting for at least one competition with EITHER one international referee present or two National referees present.
  2. A referee may be certified as a “National Referee in training” with approval of two international referees or executive board approval. A National Referee in training shall be considered as a National referee for National and American records provided at least one International referee is present. A written request must be submitted to all board members and the referee status will be noted on the membership list.
  3. If, a record is set while two or more National “in training” referees are judging, the executive committee may overrule the record (not the lift) if a valid written concern by the international referee present at the meet is submitted.
  4. Effective, March 18, 2017 the new judges test shall be administered as open book with a 45 minute time limit.
  5. Only International and National Referee (this excludes the in training referee) will receive lifetime membership provided they referee at least one ADFPF meet once every two years.
  6. Our organization shall consider that an International referee’s opinion and judgment be given considerable weight in considering nomination of “National in training” referees.
  7. There is no time limit for a referee to move to a full National status. However, the above rules will continue to apply.

April 20, 2017

The American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (ADFPF), a not-for-profit national sport foundation administered by volunteers, is currently looking for a summer intern. The applicant must be pursuing a degree in marketing or a closely related field. The successful candidate will be responsible for producing content for the website:, social media outlets and advertising. In addition, the intern will create reusable forms and documents as well as creating consistent advertising and media images. The successful candidate should be familiar with strength sports, especially powerlifting. The intern will be directed by the President and Vice President of the ADFPF. The intern must be accomplished in using Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Do you know someone that would see this as an awesome opportunity? If so please have them send a resume to me.

Bill Sias
Vice President, ADFPF