Beth Perrin

Looking at Beth Perrin without smiling is like looking at the Mona Lisa without staring. It just isn’t done. My week isn’t complete without walking into Optimus Performance and hearing her yell “She-Ra” at me. Beth “Monsta Jedi” Perrin works out at Optimus Performance in Columbia, Missouri and has been powerlifting for four years. I sat down with Beth (fine, she was at her computer and I was at mine) and talked to her about all the special things that make her this week’s POWERLIFTER PROFILE!
Me: “Monsta Jedi, it’s great to see you.”
BP: “You too, She-Ra.”
Me: “Thanks for joining me today. Let’s get right to it. We don’t want to keep our audience waiting. So tell me, Beth, what led you to powerlifting?”
BP: “The gym I was going to closed. I needed a new gym. Optimus is right across the street from my job. I came over, met Tom Lafontaine and the rest is history. Hired a trainer and haven’t quit lifting!”
Me: “And what keeps you going in lifting?”
BP: “I’m addicted to chalk, heavy metal bars and plates.”
Me: “Man that’s good! So tell me, what is the biggest challenge you have faced so far in lifting?”
BP: “Recovering from injuries has been my biggest struggle. 2014 I had shoulder and knee surgery. 2016 I had a round of bicep tendinitis. It has taught me patience with my body. Key to recovery is faithfully doing PT exercises and training smart. Not over doing any lifts, planned recovery training.
Me: “Smart, so smart…So what is your favorite lift? We know you’re good at them all, but pick one.”
BP: “Squat – I love to squat. It is a total body exercise. Nothing like squatting your own body weight and more.”
Me: “Go Monsta Jedi. And just what is your next goal?”
BP: “My next goal is to compete on a World Platform. My goal is to compete for Team USA in Boston this fall at the World Full Powerlifting Meet.”
Me: “That’s terrific. I know the audience will be waiting to see you there. But tell us, what has been your proudest moment in lifting so far?”
BP: “Making 2 new lifetime PRs in December.”
Me: “Truly amazing. So tell me, who inspires you in lifting, who is your hero, your role model?”
BP: “My hero in powerlifting is Judy Gedney Macomb, IL. She was lifting massive amounts as a Master Lifter years before OWOWs. She’s a mighty woman! My role model is Shelly Frazier, she makes lifting look so easy and effortless.”
Me: “Both truly amazing women and lifting legends. Any advice for other lifters out there?”
BP: “Listen to your body. Focus, focus, focus. Picture completing the lift prior to lifting it. Tighten everything.”
Me: “Now audience, and Beth, I’ve had the chance to talk with Beth’s lifting partner, none other than POWOW (Pup of OWOW) Clare Brown, and she had this to say, ‘I admire how mentally strong she (Beth) is. She is always pushing herself and never gives up. Her motivation to lift heavier and become a better lifter is so inspiring. I admire the way at any time she will start dancing and just making it more fun than it already is. I’m so glad I have Beth as a lifting partner, and dance partner.'”

There you have it! Beth Perrin- Lifter, dancer, and POWERLIFTER PROFILE of the week. This is Stephanie Wells bidding you health, happiness, and heavy lifting.