From the Board at year’s end 2016

As the ADFPF wraps up another year I wanted to send a message to all our members wishing you a Happy Holiday season. Without our members, the ADFPF would not exist.
Our board of directors have made some very positive steps this year. Our online presence is stronger (and improving). We continue to expand our meets and cultivate new venues. Much of this credit goes to our newest board member and Vice President, Bill Sias. Dave Mansfield is hosting the WDFPF Full Power Championships in Boston this year. This is the second time Dave has held this meet and the last time was a wonderful experience. I am sure he will do even better the second time around.
Finally, thank you to all of you who have volunteered in any way to assist the ADFPF. Whether it was spotting or helping with registrations at a meet, coaching, mentoring and introducing others to the ADFPF or traveling several hours with equipment to help out a meet director. I travel to most of our meets and I often see the same volunteers year in and year out. They are the heart and soul of the ADFPF.
I hope to see you in 2017. Until then, enjoy your holidays and train hard!
Michael Stagg
President, ADFPF

Thank you all for your participation in the ADFPF this past year. It is people such as yourselves who are dedicated, high quality athletes committed to a life of drug free performance that keep our group alive and thriving. We are committed to making your experience with us even better in 2017! Together we can “lift strong and prosper”.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Shelly Frazier
Drug Control Officer, ADFPF

2016 has been an interesting year for the ADFPF Northeast Region. We are seeing increased interest from area lifters in the ADFPF/WDFPF. Just these past few weeks we have added 3 new lifters to the BIG IRON Powerlifting Team in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Center City Gym, a few miles away, over in Brockton has a large team of very competitive lifters who have expressed interest in returning to ADFPF/WDFPF competition. Our bid for the WDFPF Full Power 2017 World Championship was accepted this past November at the WDFPF Congress in Italy.
I traveled to Wales this past June for the WDFPF Single Lift competition and received very positive feedback from the Board of Directors and from the European teams in regard to hosting the 2017 event in the Boston area. We had been encouraged to submit a formal bid at the World Congress in Sicily in November 2015. Over the summer my partner and I worked on the bid proposal and firmed up arrangement for equipment, venue and hotel and submitted the bid via e-mail to the Board. I was, unfortunately, unable to make the trip to Italy for the Congress. However, Wim graciously agreed to make the presentation for me.
As 2016 comes to an end the ADFPF Northeast is looking forward to sending lifters to the ADFPF Single Lift National Competition in Illinois in March 2017. We will also be sending lifters to the WDFPF Single Lift Championships in Belgium in June. We are also preparing to host the WDFPF Full Power Championships in November in Rockland, Massachusetts (about 25 miles south of Boston. Contracts are signed; equipment is ready to go for the competition. We will be using Eleiko bars, plates and racks for both the warm-up and competition platforms.
I am encouraged at the renewed interest in this area in the ADFPF, and feel that we can capitalize on the upcoming world championship to host several qualifier meets thereby increasing Northeast membership in the Association. Powerlifting in this area is dominated by another large powerlifting federation but we are making inroads from lifters who have expressed interest in the WDFPF and, therefore in the ADFPF as well.
Best wishes to all of our ADFPF members for a wonderful holiday season as we look forward to an exciting New Year in 2017.
Merry Christmas to all.
Dave Mansfield
East Coast Director ADFPF

I believe that the ADFPF is the greatest powerlifting federation in America because we stand strong in our commitment to strict rules that are enforced with integrity and drug testing that is enforced to the highest level. Other federations can claim one or the other of those values, only the ADFPF does them all. You can pat yourself on the back for that. If you were not interested in level playing field competitions the ADFPF would not exist.
From my heart I want to thank every member of the ADFPF for the welcome I’ve received in my new position. The words of encouragement in emails, on the phone and in person convince me that the ADFPF is going to grow even larger in 2017.
My personal goals for 2017 are:
1. Continue to increase membership, including bringing old members back.
2. Increase the number of local and regional meets.
3. Aid in the training and development of new meet directors.
4. A rewrite of the referee tests to match the changes in the WDFPF Rulebook and to update and formalize the criteria to become a referee.
5. Upgrade the website to allow meet registration with just your membership number.
Thank you for your help to reach these goals and your patience as we experience the growing pains that go with them.
Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF