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The ADFPF rules are identical to the WDFPF rules. All ADFPF Technical Rules, Drug-Testing rules, Personal Equipment rules, Platform Equipment rules, and competition rules can be found on the WDFPF page. A more condensed version is the ADFPF LIFTERS RULEBOOK Sp19.



 January 25, 2020
ADFPF IL State Championship
Macomb, IL
Meet Director: Tim Piper

2020 ADFPF IL State Meet Registration Form

 February 1, 2020
Michigan State Open Championship
Lansing, MI
Meet Director: Jeff Buchin

2020 ADFPF MI State Meet Registration Form

 March 28, 2020
ADFPF Single Event Championship
Macomb, IL
Meet Director: Tim Piper

Info Soon

 June 12-14, 2020
2020 World Championship Single Event in June
Friday 12th (Squat); Saturday 13th (Bench Press); Sunday 14th; (Deadlift)
Maromme, France

ADFPF Full Power Championship
Muskegon, MI
Meet Director: Bill Sias

More Info Soon

 November 13-15, 2020
2020 World Championship Powerlifting and Congress
Dublin, Ireland



Events listed with incomplete information are newly scheduled meets and are posted so that lifters can point their training for those competitions. Details and meet applications will be posted as soon as they are received from the National Office or meet director(s).

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