Michael Chase – Election

Friends and Fellow Lifters:

Roger and Judy Gedney introduced me to the ADFPF in 2010, and I have been coached, encouraged, supported, and inspired by them for these last seven years. But their introduction was no special favor to me; Roger and Judy, along with their protege Tim Piper, have welcomed thousands of lifters over the years to the Salvation Army Gym in Macomb, IL. They welcomed me and all of the rest with a simple expectation; to serve.

At the Gedney’s place, there was never a fee for the facility or for coaching (and still isn’t), you were and are expected to serve the community; of Macomb and the wider community of weightlifters and powerlifters. The ADFPF, started by the Gedneys, Van Ecks, and other pioneering powerlifters, is the ultimate expression of this wider lifting community; a simple but powerful legacy of moral and ethical competition which stands today.

At the feet of Roger, Judy, and Tim, I learned (and still learn today) how to run a meet, how to coach a lifter…how to serve the community of lifters. Since 2016, I have added another layer of service, in succeeding Tim as the Treasurer of this proud Federation. It is my small way to contribute to something bigger, and I hope to continue in this role.

 Thank you!