Pit Open Push-Pull Championship 2017

WHEN: Saturday, July 15, 2017
Weigh In:  8:00-9:30 am
Competition: 10:00 am
WHERE: Pit Barbell Club
5221 Oak Grove Rd
Evansville, Indiana
ENTRTY FEE: $45.00 (checks made payable to Mike Stagg)
ELIGIBILITY: Open to all registered ADFPF lifters who are drug free by the definition of the ADFPF (lifetime).
ADFPF available at meet: $30 ($20 for teen lifters)
1st—3rd:  Open 11 Men weight classes (52kg,56kg,60kg,67.5kg,75kg,82.5kg,90kg,100kg,110kg,125kg,145kg,+145kg)
1st—3rd:  Combined Masters in Men and Women’s weight classes (40yrs+), Records may be set in the normal 5-year age increments
1st—3rd:  Women in 10 weight classes (44kg,47.5kg,50.5kg,53kg,55.5kg,58.5kg,63kg,70kg,80kg,90kg,+90kg)
1st—3rd:  Combined Teen in men/women weight classes, records may be set in the normal T1-T3 age groups
Best Lifter – Bench, Deadlift, Total (Men and Women)
ADMISSION: $5.00 at door ($4.00 in advance)
REGULATIONS:    All ADFPF rules apply. This is an equipped and unequipped meet. Lifters in unequipped division must wear a one piece lifting suit. Lifters in equipped division must adhere to all ADFPF regulations.
FOR MORE INFO:  Contact Mike Stagg (812) 431-9113  ●  Email: stagg@twc.com  ●  Or visit: www.adfpf.net