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Letters from the President


March 5, 2017

I just returned from the ADFPF Single Event Championships. I have to hand it to meet director’s Michael Chase and Tim Piper, they truly ran an outstanding meet. They ran over 60 lifter competing in 158 individual events on two platforms and completed the meet by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The Western Illinois ROTC did all spotting and loading and did as good a job as I have ever seen. They did not have a single misload (or dropped bar) all day. In addition to that the meet was streamed live by a group of professionals manning 6 cameras. The stream can be viewed on YouTube.

This meet has set a new standard in our organization that I hope other meets strive to follow. We are aware of the amount of work put in by our lifters and want to continue improving the ADFPF to bring them the recognition they deserve. Having said that, I wish to refresh our readers on what sets the ADFPF apart from other lifting groups.

  1. In every meet, it is required to test a minimum of 10% of lifters. This is not optional and results are available publicly through the WDFPF (our International affiliate). Additionally, we require a minimum number of out of competition tests among our registered athletes.
  2. We “target test” our lifters. In other words, we work aggressively to keep our athletes competing honestly which creates a transparent and level playing field for all lifters.
  3. The ADFPF is a not for profit organization. Our board members are all volunteers. While this does have some drawbacks and limitations, you can be assured that our efforts are always looking to improve the future of the sport.
  4. Our unequipped division is exactly that. We allow wrist wraps and a belt.

The ADFPF is strong in its core values. We do not condone drug use and work aggressively to prevent it in our organization. We also have consistent judging that is conducted per the rulebook. Nothing is more frustrating to a lifter than inconsistent judging. Even if it works in your favor one meet, it will work against you in another meet.

I firmly believe that the drug use that seems to be so widely accepted in today’s society along with the inconsistency with respect to rules are two of the main factors that prevent our sport from being accepted to the mainstream public.

Our national meet is set for June 24-25 in Columbia, MO. We expect this meet to be an excellent prelude to the WDFPF Full Power World meet to be held in Boston, MA this November. Please spread the word. I hope to see you there!


December 2016

I want to highlight what the ADFPF has in store for 2017. We have made very good progress with our website. We are moving more and more to electronic meet registration and membership registration. I also believe we will likely have a record number of meets this year. As always, we always need volunteers. Our directors work hard with no compensation to create opportunities for our membership. Please support the ADFPF in any way you can.

The highlight in 2017 will be WDFPF Full Power World Championships in Boston. These championships have not been in the USA since 2012 so it is a great opportunity to test yourself against some of the best lifters from WDFPF member nations. We expect 150+ lifters from 15+ countries. However, you must qualify to be considered for this meet. We are limited in the number of entries per division. To be considered, you must, AT A MINIMUM meet the qualifying standards.

The minimum standards are located here.

To qualify for consideration, the lifter must meet or exceed the qualifying total for his or her age/weight class. Additionally, the individual lifts in making up the total must meet or exceed the single event qualifying lift. For example, the 75kg, M2 Men’s division must have the following minimum requirements to qualify:

Total meets or exceeds: 440kg
Squat meets or exceeds: 147.5kg
Bench Press meets or exceeds: 110kg
Deadlift meets or exceeds: 162.5kg

These requirements must have been met within 2 years of the meet date. In the event we have more than 3 lifters apply for the same class and division, the selection committee will use criteria as follows:

  1. Placing and total at the FULL POWER NATIONAL meet.
  2. Other meet totals.
  3. Previous international lifting experience in the WDFPF.
  4. Lifting consistency. Has lifter failed to register totals (ie…bomb)….etc….Can lifter open successfully with the qualifying lifts.

If you have registered the qualifying lifts and won your division at the FULL POWER NATIONAL meet, your acceptance is guaranteed provided you are a member in good standing. Criteria 2-4 are based on the best judgement of the selection committee. Our committee has a lot of international experience and we want to be sure that lifters who attend position themselves to have a good experience.

Please be aware that your OPENING lift at the World Championship must be AT LEAST equal to the single lift qualifying standard. In the example above, this means the 75kg, M2 men’s lifter must OPEN with at least 147.5kg Squat, 110kg Bench, and 162.5kg deadlift. I do realize these rule changes have increased the difficulty to qualify but this is the World Championship meet and you must be one of the best to compete.

I would encourage all those who can qualify and attend to do so. Even if you do not win or place, it is an honor to have met these qualifying standards and to be selected to lift with the best the WDFPF has to offer. I can assure you that it will be a memory you will keep with you for many years to come. You will meet some great people and witness some truly historic lifts. I wish you all the best in your lifting for the upcoming year. Please sign up for our email notifications on our website and check frequently for upcoming meets via the following link:


July 2016

Well, it has been a busy summer. Our transition to a new leadership team is now complete and I believe we have a number of improvements already in place and more coming. There is a section on the website to add your email. You will be informed of record updates, upcoming meets and other announcements. We will not fill your inbox with spam or distribute the email list. This is a great way to stay abreast of happenings in the ADFPF. Please go to the upcoming events page and add your name at the bottom of the page:

I would like to inform all lifters interested in competing in the WDFPF World Full Power Championships that the team applications are available on the upcoming events section of the website. The applications must be completed and submitted by the end of August. Due to some issues between the IDFPA (Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association) and the WDFPF the Full Power Championships have been moved from Ireland to Italy on the same date. Detailed information will be posted on the upcoming event section on the website as soon as it is available.

The 2017 Single Event Nationals will be held in Macomb, IL. The last time Macomb hosted the meet was very well run and held in an outstanding venue at Western Illinois University. I strongly recommend marking this meet on your calendar. We are still accepting bids for the National meet next year so if you have any interest in hosting the meet, please contact me. In 2017, the WDFPF World Championships will be held in Boston, MA. As always this will be a very large meet and you must qualify. In addition to qualifying, there is a limit to how many lifters can be entered in each class/division. The easiest way to insure your spot is held is to qualify at the National Championship. Preference will be given to place winners at the Full Power Nationals.

We are also going to be posting more articles about nutrition, training, and various opinions. If you have something to say, please feel free to submit an article. We do reserve the right to edit the article and/or refuse any article but we do want to hear from the lifters. Additionally, you will see a lifter profile section become active. If there are any specific lifter interviews you would like to see then let us know and we will contact that lifter.

We hope to hear from you and see you on the platform soon.

Mike Stagg
President, ADFPF

April 2016

The ADFPF has undergone some important changes on the executive board, and I’m happy to introduce you to our new volunteers and to recognize those that have done a terrific job serving ADFPF in the past. First, thanks to Tim Piper, who has generously served as ADFPF treasurer. Tim has been an invaluable resource for our organization, and we will miss him. We are extremely fortunate to have Michael Chase assume the duties of treasurer. Thank you Michael for taking on this important role! Also stepping down from his role as member of the ADFPF board is John Jachim, who also served in the past as our drug control officer. John did a good job implementing the necessary steps to allow our National meets to set World (WDFPF) records. Thank you John for your service! Replacing John is Shelly Frazier. Shelly has been involved with the ADFPF for several years and was nominated as a board member last year. Shelly’s background as a doctor will be extremely helpful in our drug testing protocols. Finally, Bill Sias has stepped in to help with our website and other technical issues, which will help us be more efficient with things like membership cards and record keeping. I’m optimistic that these changes can help us grow our organization and serve our membership more effectively.

ADFPF is a volunteer organization, and it can be difficult to find people with the time and talent for the many essential tasks. Often times, these tasks become overwhelming and we tend to “burnout” our volunteers. However, without people who are willing to give of themselves selflessly, the ADFPF would not exist. Please keep this in mind as you interact with our staff and also with meet directors. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer (even with simple tasks at meets), please contact one of our board members.

Mike Stagg
President, ADFPF