Richard Hammer’s Election Statement

Richard Hammer, MD.  Statement for Treasurer Position

I have had much experience in business and finance over my career.  I was a managing partner, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive committee member of a large physician group in Texas for over 16 years, before moving to Missouri. I am also a founding member of a health startup company with international ties. Currently I am Vice Chairman of the Dept. of Pathology at the University of Missouri and a dedicated power lifter and international judge in ADFPF. 


Throughout my career I have acquired skills in budgeting, hiring, business plan development, venture capital acquisition, and international banking with multi-million dollar companies.  I have had multiple businesses including real estate acquisition and rentals, and am familiar with tax strategies for asset protection. I am familiar with digital banking, foreign currency and banking practices as well.  I hope to take the asset and banking management of the ADFPF and bring them up to current day practices.