Vice President’s Updates

Vice President’s Update for December 22, 2019.

The board of directors received the following email:
Good Morning Gents and Lady,
It is with regret that I tender my resignation as Treasurer of the ADFPF and resign from the board effective Dec 31,2019. I have enjoyed working with the Administrative Board, but given additional responsibilities in my career, I can longer carry out my duties and must resign. I will forward all the documents I have in possession as needed. I look forward to continuing my contribution to the ADFPF as a referee as much as possible, and I wish you all the best.
Best regards,
Richard Hammer
I would like to thank Richard for his service to the federation and wish him well on all future endeavors.
In the interim, Dan Bullock has accepted the responsibilities. Dan is a CPA, CEO of a credit union, and a powerlifter. More about Dan later.
On the website:
The WDFPF World Championship after Drug Test Meet Result is on the Meet Results page.
Dan Bullock has been added to the Administration page as well as adding a page specifically for him, although it is quite empty right now.
The Bar is Loaded,
Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF

Vice President’s Update for February 10, 2019.

Event Calendar:
Set The National Pizza Day Powerlifting Open and World Qualifier to completed.
Added the ADFPF Team Application to the WDFPF Single Event World championship.

Meet Results:
Added the results from The National Pizza Day Powerlifting Open and World Qualifier.

Updated the Men’s and Women’s American Records.
Updated the Men’s and Women’s Michigan Records.

Be sure to listen to our podcast on most Sunday nights by going to

The Bar is Loaded,
Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF

Vice President’s Update for January 6, 2019.

Event Calendar:
Added the following meets:
February 9, 2019, National Pizza Day Powerlifting Classic and World SE Qualifier in Muskegon, MI.
March 2, 2019, Illinois State & Open Single Event and Full Power championships in Macomb, IL
March 16, 2019, ADFPF Single Event Nationals Bay State Atheltic Club in Scituate MA
Updated the rulebook to the 2019 version.
Drug Testing:
Updated the WADA banned substance list to the 2019 edition.
Added a link to the news release for the new list.
The Podcast;
Tonight’s episode was about the meets coming up that are related to WDFPF Single Event Worlds.
The Bar is Loaded,
Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF


Vice Presient’s Update for December 2, 2018.

Meet Calendar:
All of the meets for 2018 are now completed.
I have renamed Meet Calendar to Event Calendar for reasons that will become obvious next year.

Meet Results:
Posted the results of the 2018 Indiana State Championship

Updated the Men’s and Women’s American Records
Updated the Men’s and Women’s Indiana State Records
Updated the Men’s Michigan State Records

This week we recapped the Indiana State Championship in Evansville, IN. Listen to that episode here.

That’s it! See you next week.

The Bar is Loaded,
Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF

Vice President’s Update for October 28, 2018.

All was quiet on the website this week. As I prepare to leave for WDFPF Worlds in Glasgow, Scotland some things need to be left for after my return.
The podcast this week was just Mike Stagg and me discussing Worlds and the amazing Team USA. Listen to it here:
Election 2019 is about to open. The positions that are up next year are Vice President and Secretary. Nominations are open. Check the job descriptions at the bottom of the Administration page of the website.
The Bar is Loaded
Bill Sias
Vice President, ADFPF

Vice President’s Update for September 30, 2018.

Meet Calendar:
Added information about the Indiana State Championship on December 1, 2018.
Set the European Single Event to completed.

Meet Results:
Added the results of the WDFPF European Single Event Championship

Added 2 articles by David Mansfield about Training Children and Teens

The ADFPF has started a weekly podcast. To hear the latest episode go to

Our theme this week was the history of the ADFPF. Next week Mike and I will discuss Rules, Referees and Drug Testing. If you have questions on those subjects either send them to us on our Facebook page or to me on the Contact Page of the website.

The Bar is Loaded
Bill Sias
Vice President

Vice President’s Update for September 2, 2018.

Updated Men’s and Women’s American Records.

Meet Calendar:
Set the Missouri State Championship to completed.

Meet Results:
Added the results from the Missouri State Championship.

The question of the week:
I squatted more at this meet than the last one, Why didn’t I break my old record?
The Questioner had participated in her first 2 powerlifting meets only months apart. In the first, she lifted full power and single event and broke a single event squat record. In the second she lifted full power only. She was confused because she squatted more in the second meet than in the first yet in the first meet she broke a record and the second didn’t break it again. I can safely assume she is not the only person confused by this.
Full Power is a form of powerlifting where you are competing for a total. The sum of the highest of each of the individual lifts is your score. You must perform all three lifts to achieve the total. We track records in each of the individual lifts but the point is the total. The results are determined by total vs total.
Single Event is the next most common form of powerlifting. In Single Event, you may select which lifts to compete in. Your highest number in each of the lifts that you choose to do are compared against other competitors best number in the same lift. Squats vs squats, bench press vs bench press and deadlift vs deadlift. Here’s the big deal, you are not generating a total. The sum of your lifts is not relevant. We track Single Event records separately from Full Power lifts because it is more difficult to attain high numbers in each lift when you are doing all three than when you are doing just one or two.
Push-Pull is a Single Event meet where the squat is not offered. Again, there is no total and your lifts are compared to the lifts of others lift by lift. Bench Press vs Bench Press, Deadlift vs Deadlift. There is no total. Since it actually is just a hybrid of Single Event the records are tracked with Single Event. 

This is where it can get confusing, many powerlifting meets are both Full Power and Single Event at the same time. In fact, a couple of years ago I hosted a meet that was Full Power, Single Event, and Push-Pull. When you sign up for the meet you can choose Full Power only, Single Event only (choosing which of the lifts you want to compete in) or you can choose both. If you sign up for both you still only do each of the lifts 3 times. Why do both Full Power and Single Event? Typically because there are records in each that you would like to break.

I hope that clears it up.


For those of you going to Scotland for Worlds, I received the below email this morning with some excellent information.

You may know Scottish lifter Wullie Brown, good squatter, big legs. He is a taxi driver in Glasgow and I asked him about hotels, etc. near the venue. Here are his suggestions, which you may wish to share:
Hi Robert, Try The Ivory Hotel or Queens Park hotel, Glasgow Guest house only 1 mile from Venue on Dumbreck Road. For Taxis use my company from Airport only £17.00 Hampden Cabs 0141 649 7777. Also, use them for local hires. Nearby restaurants on the south side will be in the area of Shawlands. You’re also only about 2.5 to 3 miles from city center cab would only be £5 or £6.00. Hope this helps. Regards Wullie
Best regards,

Robert has suggested that ADFPF members that are going to Worlds try to stay at the same hotel.

The Bar is Loaded,
Bill Sias
Vice President

Vice President’s Update for August 26, 2018.

I freshened the background image it had remained unchanged since I took over the website.
Meet Calendar:
Marked the Grandma Gala at The Bar & Plate as completed

Meet Results:
Corrected the results for the Mass State Championship on 8/18/2018
Added the meet results from the Grandma Gala at The Bar & Plate

Corrected the Men’s American Records from The Mass State Championship.
Updated Men’s American Records from the Grandma Gala at The Bar & Plate
Updated Women’s American Records from the Grandma Gala at The Bar & Plate
Updated Men’s Michigan Records from the Grandma Gala at The Bar & Plate
Updated Women’s Michigan Records from the Grandma Gala at The Bar & Plate

The President’s Update:
Updated on the website.

The Bar is Loaded!
Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF

Vice President’s Update for August 19, 2019.

Meet Calendar:
Set Massachusetts State Championship & WDFPF Qualifier to completed
Set No Frills World Qualifier to completed

Meet Results:
Added results from the Massachusetts State Championship.
Added results from the Macomb No Frills World Qualifier.

Updated Women’s American Records
Updated Men’s American Records

Top Question this week:
What about setting records with pound plates?
There is a shorter answer to this in the FAQ of the website but if you want a deeper dive read on.
First off, the plates still have to be calibrated, that’s a given. Calibrated means that the plates are certified to be the weight anticipated within the tolerances allowed by our rules.
WDFPF rules state that other than a World Record all weight increases must be multiples of 2.5 kilos. That works out to 5.5115 pounds. You can’t do that with pound plates, they really need to be in increments of 5 pounds, a 2.5-pound plate added to each side. That takes us to our first problem. You ask for 150 pounds and get it. When I get the meet results I convert that to 67.5 kilos. 150/2.2046=68.03955, that’s clearly not a multiple of 2.5 kilos. To see how it works use Excel, put 150 in cell A1. In cell B1 enter the formula ‘=A1/2.2046’ without the single quotes, that cell shows 68.03955. In cell C1 enter the formula ‘=floor(A1/2.2046, 2.5), it will show 67.5, the value that the WDFPF will accept as the conversion of 150 pounds to kilos. If you intended to break a record the old record would have to have been less than 67.0 or less.
So let’s go the other way. The record you want to break is 67.5 kilos. But you are lifting in a meet that is using pound plates. Back to Excel let’s put 67.5 into A1 and in B1 we enter the formula ‘=A1*2.2046’, which will show the weight in pounds or 148.8105. That’s not loadable so we enter ‘=CEILING(B1, 2.5)’ which will show 150, the pound loadable amount. But that doesn’t break the record, it ties it. However, we now know that 155 is the amount we need to break the record (a 2.5-pound plate on each side). Go back to the previous paragraph and prove it to yourself.
Is there another way? Yes…maybe next week. 

The Bar is Loaded,
Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF

Vice President’s update for August 11, 2018.

I have renamed this from ADFPF Update to ADFPF Vice President’s update. The reasons are simple and selfish. I proposed that all board members offer up written communications on the website. If they have to do it then so do I. I write to you almost every Sunday night so now I’m using it to fulfill my obligation. I will, occasionally, write stuff other than website updates in this space.

Modified the menu to place board member’s missives as a link off of their name within the menu.
Removed the New category and moved that information to a new page “Vice President’s Updates” accessed from my name in the About tab.

Meet Calendar:
Move the Michigan State Championship to October 27, 2018.
Added Info and the registration form the WDFPF MPF World Championship.

Updated the page to match the current Board of Directors membership.
Added a page for the Board of Directors meeting minutes.

Fixed an error with Missouri State records.

The Bar is Loaded
Bill Sias Vice President

ADFPF Update for August 5, 2018.

Added the pictures of the World Record breakers to the home page.

Meet Calendar:
Set Full Power Nationals as completed.
Added the Massachusetts State Championship & WDFPF Qualifier 8/18/2018.

Meet Results:
Added Full Power Nationals.
Added meet results from 2007.

Added Max Effort Strength and Conditioning to the Affiliate gyms.

Updated Women’s American and National records.
Updated Men’s American and National records.
Updated Indiana Women’s records. 
Updated Missouri Men’s & Women’s State Records. Note that Sara and I are aware that the records are not complete nor are they up to date. However, I decided that it was better to have some rather than to have it appear that it was being ignored. Sara is working on it as she has time.

I decided to start adding the Sunday night emails here.

Temporarily removed this page.

Drug-Free Powerlifter Profiles:
Removed some articles that were over a year old.

Corrected a FAQ.

Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF

ADFPF Update for July 22, 2018.

Meet Calendar:
Added the No Frills World Qualifier in Macomb, IL on August 18.
Added the Grandma Gala & Procrastinator’s World Qualifier, The Battle of the Septuagenarian Grandmothers for American Records at The Bar & Plate Training Center in Muskegon, MI on August 25.
Added information about the Missouri State Championship.

I’m getting ready for Powerlifting Nationals! I’ll see you in KY.

Bill Sias
Vice President ADFPF

August 25, 2017

Mr America Fitness Festival

Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict the Mr America Fitness Festival will be rescheduled. All meet entries have been refunded. An update will be issued when the new date is announced.


August 24, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Chandler

Chandler and I had our last work session on Wednesday 8/23/2017. At 1:30 we finalized everything we had worked on all summer.

Chandler came to the ADFPF as a summer marketing intern. She got us on Twitter and Instagram. She designed the Team USA singlets. She put together, a soon to be unveiled, Meet Directors Digital Toolbox that will make running ADFPF Powerlifting Meets a breeze for new meet directors and easier for seasoned one.

She was a pretty good travel buddy (when she could stay awake).

She was a quick study and a hard worker. There is a lot going on behind those shy eyes. 

Chandler probably understands Powerlifting better than 80% of the powerlifters out there.

I’m going to miss her.

Bill Sias

Vice President ADFPF 

August 16, 2017

This must be a first in Powerlifting history!


August 15, 2017

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce 

Tim Piper has been nominated and the board has certified him as the new Secretary of the ADFPF. Tim left the board of the ADFPF to finish working on his Ed.D. and has now returned to duty.


August 13, 2017

The following proposal was passed this afternoon

ADFPF Board Composition

Per WDFPF constitution, the ADFPF must consist of the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. At this time the ADFPF board has no designated member with the Secretary title. Additionally, the ADFPF board does have additional advisor positions.

I believe we need to make our board composition more formal, consistent with WDFPF expectations. This is a proposal to the ADFPF board for consideration to accomplish this task. We should also recognize that each board member has one vote in any voting matter.


The ADFPF board shall consist of 4 permanent positions as indicated above. Additionally, the President shall appoint, with confirmation of the ADFPF board, advisor positions of International Director and Drug Control Officer along with, optionally, two additional advisor positions to be filled with skillsets deemed critical to short term objectives of the ADFPF. This implies the ADFPF board will consist of, minimally, 4 positions with as many as 8 positions at any one time. The appointed positions will continue for 2 year terms. The board will evaluate the continued need for the appointed positions every two years. The board may elect to eliminate an appointed position or call for a new appointment to the position. These positions will be full ADFPF board members with all voting and other responsibilities of ADFPF board members. If an individual resigns, any member of the board may nominate an individual for appointment to fulfill the current term.

If we chose to adopt this proposal then the current board will look like this (my above proposal indicates that one of the advisor roles would move to the secretary position until the next election):

President, Mike Stagg, elected position

Vice-President, Bill Sias, elected position

Treasurer, Mike Chase, elected position

Secretary, OPEN, Tim Piper nominated, elected position

Drug Control Officer, Shelly Frazier, appointed

International Director, Ron Madison, appointed

East Coast Director, Dave Mansfield, appointed

Advisor, Tim Piper

Advisor, Richard Hammer

The logic of the appointed positions is to insure the individual in that role has the specific skillsets and the confidence of the board to execute the direction and spirit of the ADFPF. Additionally, appointed positions may be used to expose future (or rely on the experience of past) members to ADFPF actions.

July 10, 2017

International Referees

The ADFPF and WDFPF are very proud of our judging. In order to continuously improve our pool of judges we would like to offer a financial incentive to any National judge looking to take the next step and become Internationally certified. The ADFPF will pay $250 to any individual who sits for the International Judge Test in Boston this November. An additional $250 will be paid to any individual who passes the test and becomes internationally certified. All test applicants must be approved by the ADFPF and accepted for testing by the WDFPF. Listed below are guidelines the ADFPF will use in approving the applicant for testing:

  1. Must be a National judge in the ADFPF in good standing.
  2. Attended or competed in prior WDFPF competitions.
  3. Has shown a willingness to participate in ADFPF events in the capacity of judging, particularly in National level events.

If you have an interest in becoming an international judge, please contact Bill Sias, Vice President of the ADFPF.


July 2, 2017

Additions to the Board

The ADFPF continues it’s rapid growth in 2017, in sight of this two people have accepted positions of “Adviser to the Board.” Dr Richard Hammer and Dr Tim Piper have accepted these roles to help us continue to grow. Bios and pictures appear on the Administration page. Please join me in thanking these gentlemen for their show of support and assistance.

Bill Sias

Vice President, ADFPF 

June 26, 2017

Administrative Change

Effective June 25, 2017 Andrea Chapelear was offered and she has accepted the position of Missouri State Chair. A State Chair agrees to do the following:

  • Insure that a State Meet happens every year.
  • Represent the ADFPF at meets in their state.
  • Assist ADFPF meet hosts.
  • Maintain state meet records.
  • Maintain state records.
  • Coordinate with the Drug Testing Officer.
  • Coordinate with the Technology Officer regarding website information.
  • Attend as many ADFPF National meets as possible.
  • Responsible for meet results, drug testing Chain of Custody documents and sample completion in a timely manner and according to federation expectations.
  • Reports to the Vice President of the ADFPF.

Look for other,similar announcements in near future.

Bill Sias

Vice President, ADFPF

June 4, 2017

Looking for Advertisers and Sponsors

As the Social Media Specialist of the American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (ADFPF). I am currently seeking supporters of the federation on our website ( and official clothing. The ADFPF is a 501(C)3 organization and your donation may be tax deductible.

Your logo would be represented on the back of t-shirts worn by every spotter at every event remaining this year. Every meet has one or more platforms and every platform has between 3 and 6 spotters on any given lift. Once your logo is added to the shirt it will remain on for the entire lifting season and in the same position. Earlier responders get preferred placement. 

Full Power Nationals is one of the three largest events every year. The event will be live streamed and archived on YouTube. The exposure for your logo is limited only by the number of internet views interested in drug free powerlifting. To have your logo on the shirts in time for Full Power Nationals we will need to have your donation and artwork not later than June 5, 2017.

Rebel Road ( is one of the largest motorcycle festivals in the United States and the ADFPF sanctions an event in the middle of that festival. The audience for this event is huge. Rebel Road event attendance always runs in 6 figures. Last year this event was aired on local television and the video can viewed here ( We will need your artwork and donation by June 26, 2017 to be on the shirts used at this meet.

The ADFPF is sanctioning two events at the Mr. America Fitness Festival in Baltimore, MD. There will be both a Powerlifting meet and a Strongman competition. All the spotters for both events will be sporting your logo if you choose to participate. We will need your artwork and donation by September 16, 2017 to be on the shirts used at this meet.

The WDFPF Full Power World Championship is also an ADFPF event this year in Boston, MA. Hundreds of lifters from around the globe will be in Boston to compete. Your logo can be on the back of all the spotters on each of the platforms for all three days. We will need your artwork and donation by October 13, 2017 to be on the shirts used at this meet.

Other upcoming meets, locations and deadlines include:

  • The Pit Barbell Club (Evansville, IN) June 26
  • The Penultimate World Qualifier (Muskegon, MI) July 28
  • Last Chance World Qualifier Midwest (Evansville, IN) August 5
  • Last Chance World Qualifier New England (Boston, MA) August 12

Several more will be added as the season progresses. The earlier you begin the more exposure your advertisement will receive.

In addition to the t-shirts, advertising is available on our website. Contact me for more information on website ads.

Chandler Tuttle
Social Media Specialist

May 25, 2017

The ADFPF is now on more forms of Social Media.

Thanks to our hard working Social Media Specialist, Chandler Tuttle, the ADFPF is not just on Facebook ( anymore. We now have a solid presence on Twitter (@ADFPFofficial) and Instagram (@ADFPF). Please follow us on all the platforms that you use.

Coming soon is the ADFPF YouTube channel!

May 19, 2017

Chandler Tuttle joins the ADFPF.

Chandler Tuttle is spending her summer break as the Social Media Specialist to the ADFPF. Chandler will return to Michigan State University in the fall as a Senior studying Advertising. She has already discovered that she enjoys powerlifting and intends to train this summer with ADFPF Vice President Bill Sias. She is seriously considering competing in powerlifting yet this summer. Chandler is expanding our social media presence via Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets. She is also helping to automate many of the processes that we depend on for powerlifting meets.

Bill Sias
Vice President, ADFPF

April 21, 2017

Rules for Certification of National Referees:

  1. A referee may be certified as a “National Referee” upon completion of the written test and scoring at least 90% AND sitting for at least one competition with EITHER one international referee present or two National referees present.
  2. A referee may be certified as a “National Referee in training” with approval of two international referees or executive board approval. A National Referee in training shall be considered as a National referee for National and American records provided at least one International referee is present. A written request must be submitted to all board members and the referee status will be noted on the membership list.
  3. If, a record is set while two or more National “in training” referees are judging, the executive committee may overrule the record (not the lift) if a valid written concern by the international referee present at the meet is submitted.
  4. Effective, March 18, 2017 the new judges test shall be administered as open book with a 45 minute time limit.
  5. Only International and National Referee (this excludes the in training referee) will receive lifetime membership provided they referee at least one ADFPF meet once every two years.
  6. Our organization shall consider that an International referee’s opinion and judgment be given considerable weight in considering nomination of “National in training” referees.
  7. There is no time limit for a referee to move to a full National status. However, the above rules will continue to apply.

April 20, 2017

The American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (ADFPF), a not-for-profit national sport foundation administered by volunteers, is currently looking for a summer intern. The applicant must be pursuing a degree in marketing or a closely related field. The successful candidate will be responsible for producing content for the website:, social media outlets and advertising. In addition, the intern will create reusable forms and documents as well as creating consistent advertising and media images. The successful candidate should be familiar with strength sports, especially powerlifting. The intern will be directed by the President and Vice President of the ADFPF. The intern must be accomplished in using Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Do you know someone that would see this as an awesome opportunity? If so please have them send a resume to me.

Bill Sias
Vice President, ADFPF