BOD Meeting Minutes

ADFPF BOD meeting Minutes for 7-28-2018


Members present:  Mike Stagg, Bill Sias, Richard Hammer, Shelly Frazier, Tim Piper

Members absent:  Ron Madison, Dave Mansfield, Mike Chase

Proposals tabled at last meeting:

Sias:  discussion of purchasing backdrops and sponsorship on backdrops

Proposal:  ADFPF banners for backdrops will be displayed at all ADFPF meets.  Sponsors can purchase space on the banners based upon a tier system (tier system to be determined later by BOD)

Tabled so that more research can be completed

Directions from the president, Mike Stagg

Mike Stagg and Bill Sias:  Set up an account through a credit union

Mike Stagg:  Requesting that the secretary reports, in a binder, the following:

  • Minutes
  • Official forms
  • After every meeting write a resolution with signature line for each member and bring to next meeting or via email as a PDF to be sent from person to person with every signature and then each resolution is filed in the binder.

Mike Stagg:  From this point forward that the Treasurer keeps an official ledger of financials and reports annually to the BOD

Mike Stagg:  suggestions for 2019 Single Event and Full Power Nationals

            Stagg- host the Full Power Nationals in Michigan

            Stagg- host Single Event Nationals in Ohio or Lakeland Fl

Richard Hammer:  will look into contacts in Las Vegas for possible National meets

Mike Stagg:  How do we enforce payment for drug tests from meet directors after competitions?

            Currently, some meet directors do NOT pay for their drug tests performed at meets. 

            Proposal to remedy problem:  Send invoices to all meet directors after each meet.  If they do not pay in appropriate time further measures will be taken under direction of the BOD

                        Procedures: COC for drug tests sent to Treasurer which then triggers the treasurer to send an invoice to the meet director

Proposals and Motions for 7-28-2018

Mike Stagg:  the votes on proposals and motions are by board members and NOT the at-large members, Sias 2nd

Yes votes= 5, no votes=0

Motion carries

Mike Stagg:  start paying BOD (excluding at-large advisors to the board) payments at each board meeting an amount of $100 honorarium for those BOD members who are physically present, with the exception for at-large members who are requested to attend for special reasons by the BOD, 2nd

Yes votes= 5, no votes= 0

Motion carries

Bill Sias:  Requests that each BOD submits articles to the ADFPF website

                        Secretary: minutes

                        Treasure: treasurer report

Bill Sias:  How are we determining the at-large advisors to the board

Tim Piper: The BOD will eliminate all current at-large advisors to the board, the president will determine further needs, and then the president will nominate future at-large advisors, Mike Stagg 2nd

Yes votes= 5, no votes= 0

Motion carries

Mike Stagg:  makes a motion to nominate Dave Mansfield, Shelly Frazier 2nd

Yes votes= 5, no votes= 0

Motion carries