Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I competed in a powerlifting meet that was conducted with pound plates. Why is my record is in kilos?
A: ADFPF is affiliated with the WDFPF. The WDFPF rules state that all records are in kilos.

Q: How do I convert pounds to kilos?
A: Divide pounds by 2.2046, i.e. 225 pounds =  102.06… kilos.

Q: I divided the weight in pounds by 2.2046 and it doesn’t match the record amount. Why?
A: The WDFPF rules state that records are in kilos and increases in weight must be in increments of 2.5 kilos. Therefore, when calculating a record-breaking weight in Excel the cell will contain =floor(pounds/2.2046, 2.5). For example, 225 pounds is 102.06 kilos and the record-setting value is 100 kilos. A frequent, sad, error is weight selection where this fact is not taken into consideration.

Q: I set a record. Can I get a certificate?
A: Yes. Go here.

Q: I think there is a mistake in a record.
A: Contact Bill Sias with your name, the record that is in question, and the meet where the record was broken. 

Q: I think I set a record but it is not listed.
A: Contact Bill Sias with your name, the date, and location of the meet where you broke the record and the record that you think you broke.

Q: How can I become an ADFPF Referee?
A: Contact a board member.

Q: My state doesn’t have a Chairperson. How can I become the State Chairperson?
A: Contact Bill Sias.

Q: How can I host a meet in my area? How can I have a meet hosted in my area?
A: Contact your State Chairperson, Mike Stagg or Bill Sias.