Letter from the President Update


March 5, 2017

I just returned from the ADFPF Single Event Championships. I have to hand it to meet director’s Michael Chase and Tim Piper, they truly ran an outstanding meet. They ran over 60 lifter competing in 158 individual events on two platforms and completed the meet by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The Western Illinois ROTC did all spotting and loading and did as good a job as I have ever seen. They did not have a single misload (or dropped bar) all day. In addition to that the meet was streamed live by a group of professionals manning 6 cameras. The stream can be viewed on YouTube.

This meet has set a new standard in our organization that I hope other meets strive to follow. We are aware of the amount of work put in by our lifters and want to continue improving the ADFPF to bring them the recognition they deserve. Having said that, I wish to refresh our readers on what sets the ADFPF apart from other lifting groups.

  1. In every meet, it is required to test a minimum of 10% of lifters. This is not optional and results are available publicly through the WDFPF (our International affiliate). Additionally, we require a minimum number of out of competition tests among our registered athletes.
  2. We “target test” our lifters. In other words, we work aggressively to keep our athletes competing honestly which creates a transparent and level playing field for all lifters.
  3. The ADFPF is a not for profit organization. Our board members are all volunteers. While this does have some drawbacks and limitations, you can be assured that our efforts are always looking to improve the future of the sport.
  4. Our unequipped division is exactly that. We allow wrist wraps and a belt.

The ADFPF is strong in its core values. We do not condone drug use and work aggressively to prevent it in our organization. We also have consistent judging that is conducted per the rulebook. Nothing is more frustrating to a lifter than inconsistent judging. Even if it works in your favor one meet, it will work against you in another meet.

I firmly believe that the drug use that seems to be so widely accepted in today’s society along with the inconsistency with respect to rules are two of the main factors that prevent our sport from being accepted to the mainstream public.

Our national meet is set for June 24-25 in Columbia, MO. We expect this meet to be an excellent prelude to the WDFPF Full Power World meet to be held in Boston, MA this November. Please spread the word. I hope to see you there!


American Drug Free Powerlifting Federation Mission Statement

The ADFPF is a non-profit organization formed to provide all amateur athletes with legitimate drug-tested powerlifting, Strongman/women and Highland Games competitions through local, state, regional and national championships, while encouraging the growth of international amateur drug-free competition. To insure that the ADFPF as well as all ADFPF competitions are governed with integrity and by the highest standards of meet structure, officiating and organizational administration.