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Presidents Update – December 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and are ready to get back with it for 2018. There are several significant events coming this year so I would encourage everyone to plan early.

First of all a reminder that elections open on January 1st and conclude at the close of the Single Event Nationals. I encourage everyone to read the candidate statements and actively participate in this process. There are two positions on the board up for election; President and Treasurer. I am running for President and am, thus far, unopposed. Even though, I would like to hear your input and have you read my candidate statement. It outlines the direction I wish to move the ADFPF over the next several years.

The treasurer position has two candidates. Michael Chase is the incumbent and he is challenged by Richard Hammer. I believe both of these men are fine individuals and assets to the ADFPF. Both have given considerable time and talent selflessly to the ADFPF. I would like to briefly outline the direction I would like to see the treasurer take. I believe, given our dynamic makeup that our banking system needs to be moved to a national bank to better facilitate board changes in the future. Beyond that, this position just needs to effectively manage our expenses: insurance policies, drug test invoicing/payments, taxes and not for profit status along with any other expense related questions. Mike Chase has done this well over the past several years along with being a valuable asset to assisting with meets all over the country. Richard Hammer has become very active with us over the past couple of years and has attained International Referee status along with providing input on medical related questions. He has also assisted with meets and anywhere else he has been asked to assist.

As I indicated in my last update, I desire to elevate the experience at our National Meets. This begins with the Single Event Nationals to be held in Evansville, IN on March 17. This meet is being held in conjunction with the Indiana Muscle Expo at the Old National Events Center in downtown Evansville. I venture to say you will not find a better venue and encourage everyone to make it a point to take part in this event. I have tentative confirmation that WDFPF World Open Champions, Jeremy Rogers and Jason St. Clair will be lifting. Jeremy pulled over 600lbs at 181lbs while Jason St. Clair set a new Open squat record of 630lbs at the WDFPF worlds.

This summer, the Full Power Nationals will be held in New York hosted by Matt Sohmer. We already have some of the top lifters in the World (regardless of federation) competing. Perry Ellis Jr, Matt Sohmer and Dennis Cornelius will be putting on quite a show as they battle for top honors. We are expecting this to be our largest National meet to date.

The best way you can help us keep our National Meet experience high is to attend and COMPETE. These are expensive meets for our meet directors to run and they very much need your attendance. Please take the time to enter as early as possible and support these meets (along with your state or local ADFPF meets).

Finally, we are setting aside $5 from each meet entry this year that will go toward offsetting international meet expenses. We also encourage anyone wishing to donate or to serve as a corporate sponsor to please contact us.

As always, please share any comments or input with us regarding your thoughts on what we can do better. Thanks and I hope to see you at a meet in 2018.

As we end 2017, I think we have made significant progress on a number of our objectives: we significantly increased our referee pool, our website has improved and updates are timely, meet and membership registrations are completed online, we are making progress on state chairs, and our membership level is at its highest since the days of the ADFPA. I look forward to 2018 and continuing the positive momentum we have started. As always, if you wish to be involved in any way or have suggestions, please let us know!

Mike Stagg


American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation Mission Statement

The ADFPF is a non-profit organization formed to provide all amateur athletes with legitimate drug-tested powerlifting, Strongman/women and Highland Games competitions through local, state, regional and national championships, while encouraging the growth of international amateur drug-free competition. To ensure that the ADFPF, as well as all ADFPF competitions, are governed with integrity and by the highest standards of meet structure, officiating and organizational administration.