Credible Drug-Free Powerlifting Without the Politics.

The ADFPF would like your input. We are planning the following and would like your input:

1. Planning to hold both the FULL Power Nationals and the SINGLE Event Nationals as a combined event in early September.

2. Due to logistics in various states, we are planning this to be held in the Evansville area….location TBD.

3. Please give your input on dates…too early? Too late? Email your thoughts here.

This has been a very trying time for us but we want to get back to moving some iron!!! I know the situation is not ideal but we do not wish to cancel either event and let our members go after records and enjoy the camaraderie of the platform!

Mike Stagg

President ADFPF

American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation Mission Statement

The ADFPF is a non-profit organization formed to provide all amateur athletes with legitimate drug-tested powerlifting, Strongman/women and Highland Games competitions through local, state, regional and national championships while encouraging the growth of international amateur drug-free competition. To ensure that the ADFPF, as well as all ADFPF competitions, are governed with integrity and by the highest standards of meet structure, officiating and organizational administration.