Historical Overview

ADFPF_LogoFrom the 1988 formation of the World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation through to early 1997, the American Drug Free Powerlifting Association (ADFPA) had been the sole U.S. Affiliate to the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF). By joining the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), the ADFPA could no longer be the WDFPF’s U.S. affiliate. A replacement U.S. affiliate was needed. The American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation was formed becoming the necessary vehicle through which U.S. drug-free lifters might participate in international competition against drug-free lifters of WDFPF member nations. (For your information, in the past, two other powerlifting federations applied to become the WDFPF U.S. affiliate but were unqualified due to being unable/unwilling to meet the WDFPF’s stringent drug-testing rules, regulations and policies). The ADFPF was accepted as the sole U.S. Affiliate to the WDFPF from 1999 through to 2003. As of 2005, once again the ADFPF has successfully become the WDFPF’s U.S. affiliate. A Board of Directors has been established to run the business affairs of the ADFPF. The first ADFPF organizational meeting was held on June 11, 2005.