The ADFPF continues to develop their membership. All who are supportive of the ADFPF Mission Statement and who are committed to training and competing without the use of banned strength enhancing substances and methods are welcome.
ADFPF membership application forms are available in various powerlifting media sources, at ADFPF events as well as on this website. Because the ADFPF is service-minded, our adult membership fee is $30.00 and only $20.00 for teens. The membership form will speak to ADFPF membership qualifications. If you have questions, contact the board of directors.

  • The Option of competing in the EQUIPPED Division and/or the UNEQUIPPED Division both Nationally and Internationally
  • Eleven Weight Classes for women and 12 weight classes for men
  • Team membership of 3 lifters per weight class
  • Wearing lifting equipment that meets rule constraints without restrictions as to brand name
  • International competition against like-minded drug-free athletes.
  • National and International competition in BOTH Powerlifting as well as in EACH of the SINGLE EVENTS.
  • The opportunity to establish Drug-Free (ADFPF) EQUIPPED Division and UNEQUIPPED Division records.
  • The opportunity to set WDFPF records in both the EQUIPPED & the UNEQUIPPED Divisions for men & women in both POWERLIFTING as well as in each of the SINGLE EVENTS.
  • The reassurance of KNOWING that all athletes competing in WDFPF Championships have agreed to participate in both.
  • Out-of-Competition drug testing as well as in unannounced or nil-notice TARGET DRUG TESTING.
  • The opportunity to testify to BRUTE STRENGTH via the UNEQUIPPED Division in both powerlifting and single events.

(Mail Membership Application to: Bill Sias, 1384 Holton Road, Suite D, Muskegon, MI 49445)

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