Mike Stagg

Mike began weightlifting at a young age as a means to improve his strength for wrestling (he wrestled for 12 years). His mentor, Dick Connors, asked him to join the Pit Powerlifting team at age 14. He has lifted competitively for 34+ years. Mike has won several titles and set many National and American records. He has always competed and lifted for the Pit Powerlifting Team in Evansville, IN. His various titles include:

1984 USPF Teenage National Champion
1986 USPF Teenage National – 3rd Place
1987 USPF Teenage Nationals – Runner up
1987 ADFPA Teenage National Champion
1987 APF Teenage National Champion
1987 WPC Teenage & Junior World Champion (Best Lifter)
1995, 1996 ADFPA Men’s Open National Championships – Runner up
2007 ADFPF National Champion (Best Lifter)
2008 USAPL RAW Nationals – 3rd Place
2008 WDFPF World Master Champion (3rd place overall)
2009 WDFPF World Master Champion (2nd place overall)
2009, 2010 ADFPF National Champion
2011 ADFPF National Runner Up
2013 WDFPF World Master Champion
2014 ADFPF National – 3rd Place
2015 ADFPF National Champion (Best Lifter)
2016 ADFPF National Champion

Mike is an International certified referee. He has 5 children (3 of which are successful lifters in their own right). He has both a BS and MS degree in Engineering from Purdue University and owns an Engineering Consulting firm. His hobbies include most outdoor activities (especially hunting), coaching and powerlifting.

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